The American Academy of Ophthalmology conducts a yearly survey on eye injuries called the Eye Injury Snapshot, which has revealed that more than 40% of reported eye injuries occurred while the individual was participating in sports. Since April marks Sports Eye Safety Awareness month, your reliable optometrist from Southwest Vision Center shares three ways to prevent sports-related eye trauma.

Eye Injuries

1. Have Regular Eye Exams

Whether you wear eyeglasses, contact lenses, or even if you have perfect vision, you should always have your eyes examined by an eye care expert before you participate in any sports or other physical activities. We can perform a comprehensive eye exam to check your current eye condition and provide measures to protect your eyes from injuries. Most athletes and people with active lifestyles engage in routine eye assessments to ensure healthy vision.

2. Always Wear Protective Eye Gear

Studies show that almost 90% of sports-induced eye injuries could have been avoided by wearing proper sports eyewear. The type of physical activity or sports you’ll be engaging in determines what type of protective gear you’ll need. The American Society for Testing and Materials or the sport’s governing body usually lays down requirements on what protective optical device should be used.

Polycarbonate lenses make a great choice. They are made of durable and impact-resistant materials, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking easily while you engage in contact sports. They can also withstand high-pressure, making them an especially safe choice.

3. Be Mindful of Common Signs of Eye Trauma

Signs of eye injuries are not always readily apparent. Black eyes, for example, may only appear after a few hours or days have passed. This is why your reliable eye doctors suggest being aware of common eye trauma manifestations. The sooner we can identify eye problems, the more effective our treatment will be.

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