Teens and Contact Lenses: Questions and Answers

One in every four students will need some kind of vision correction. However, teens may feel self-conscious wearing glasses to school. Even if they have worn glasses for years, the teen years can be tough on the self-esteem and wearing glasses may increase...

Should I Get Progressive Lenses or Bifocals?

Nearly everyone over the age of 65 will experience a reduced elasticity of the lenses of their eyes — a condition called presbyopia. Those of us lucky enough to have perfect vision until that age will only require reading glasses to help with up-close vision. However,...

Low Carb Diet and Age Related Macular Degeneration

Dietary carbohydrate and the progression of age-related macular degeneration: a prospective study from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study Publication American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Author(s) Chung-Jung Chiu, Roy C Milton, Ronald Klein, Gary Gensler, and Allen...

Seeing Through the Fog: Cataracts

Seeing Through the Fog...  Glare when driving at night.  Halos around headlights.  Foggy vision.  Looking through a film.  Blurry vision far away and up close.  Reduced intensity of colors. Any of those sound familiar to you? It may be time to...

It’s Sunglass Weather!

Time to start thinking about sunglasses? Is it because imagining wearing sunglasses on a sunny beach makes us feel warmer in sub-zero temperatures? Partially, but more importantly, wearing sunglasses in the winter is just as important as wearing them in...

Protect Your Eyes from Digital Devices

The American Optometric Association’s (AOA) 2016 American Eye-Q® survey revealed that 88 percent of Americans know that digital devices can negatively affect their vision, but the average American still spends seven or more hours per day looking at their...

Caring for Contact Lenses

Caring for Contact Lenses Contact lenses are a medical device that require a prescription and special care by both the wearer and the prescriber.  Because the contact lens sits directly on the eye, it provides good vision, but can cause a series of long-lasting...

Happy Birthday! Here’s Your Readers!

During my first semester in optometry school, we learned about presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition everyone develops around the age of 40, in which the focusing system loses its power and it becomes difficult to read up close. You read that correctly, everyone. I...

5 Ways to Prepare for Summer Sun

After a long winter in the north I know I am ready to see more sunlight. In fact the past few weeks we have been lucky enough to spot a few rays! With more sun exposure are you ready to protect your eyes? Most people do not realize that the thin skin around your eyes...

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