Learn How to Use Your Insurance

While having vision insurance is great, knowing how to use it is even better. Southwest Vision Center wants you to receive the best and the most affordable eye care possible. Our professional eye doctors in Granger, IN, and the Constantine area are here to provide you with supplemental information regarding your vision coverage that you might not be aware of.

See Your Coverage in the Right Light

One of the very first things you should do when you secure vision insurance is take a look over your policy. If you can’t see the print clearly, it may be time for eyeglasses or contact lenses in Three Rivers, MI, or Osceola. You’ll also want to check for answers to such questions as:

How does your coverage provider go about handling grievances?

What measures are used to ensure optimum quality assurance?
Which services are included in your plan? How about those that aren’t included?
Which eye doctors are included on your network provider list?
Additionally, you should also determine whether you need an ID card and how you go about securing one as well as working to understand the financial obligations for which you’re responsible. We recommend that you not wait until you need to use your insurance before you learn how it works.

The Eye Exam

eye care centerReceiving answers to the above questions and understanding how your insurance works is sure to speed things up when you come to Southwest Vision Center. For instance, you’ll want to have the name of your insurance provider, the name of your specific insurance plan and your identification number. All of this information is necessary for the pre-authorization process that takes place before your eye exam.

Get in Touch With Us

If you have additional questions about your vision insurance your provider can’t or seems unwilling to answer, we’d be glad to help you any way we can. We’re also here the next time you’re in need of a comprehensive eye exam in Edwardsburg, MI, or the surrounding areas. Call us at (269) 414-4492 in Edwardsburg or (269) 273-8588 for Three Rivers. You may also fill out and submit a Contact Us form while you’re here on our site.

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