Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best With Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses in Three Rivers, MI

At Southwest Vision Center, we understand that the right pair of glasses can make the difference between an optical annoyance and chic confidence and style. We only offer the highest-quality brands in eyewear and, with a discount of 50% off your second pair in the same year, our products are as affordable as they are beautiful. Whether you need a standard eye exam in the Three Rivers, MI area, or specific help with degenerative diseases, our qualified staff can help you find the perfect pair for you.

Prescription Lenses

Wearing eyeglasses to correct your vision shouldn’t be an annoyance, but rather an opportunity to express your personality. Dr. Jennifer Lambart can prescribe the perfect lenses for your condition, while our eyewear assistants can help you choose the best frames for your face. There are endless options of color, pattern and shape to make it easy for you to choose a pair that is as individual as you are. Some of the brands we carry include:


While we are fully capable of creating high-quality sunglasses that are perfectly customized to your vision, we also offer several options with non-prescription lenses. The need to block out harmful ultraviolet radiation is universal and wearing high-quality sun wear can greatly decrease retinal damage and cataracts caused by sunlight. Polarized lenses also block glare, improving vision and reducing squinting. We have anti-reflective options as well to allow more light to pass through to your eyes and naturally reflect the light that can cause glares.

Contact Us Today

At Southwest Vision Center, we value our relationships with our customers above everything else. If you’re in need of some prescription lenses or just need a high-quality pair of sunglasses, contact our experienced optometrist based in Edwardsburg, MI, to help you pick the perfect pair for you. You can reach us at (269) 414-4492 or schedule an appointment here.

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