What to Expect During Your Next Eye Exam

There are many reasons to get an eye exam in the Three Rivers, MI area. At these appointments, optometrists can use tests to check simple things, like your ability to read an eye chart, as well as look for signs of degenerative diseases and other issues. Through a series of tests and evaluations of the tiny structures inside your eyes, your doctor will be able to determine different ways to improve your vision.

Exam Types

Your doctor will coordinate a set of tests based on the symptoms you’re experiencing. There are many different options that can help to evaluate different aspects of your vision and eye structure.

Cover Test: As one of the most common types of tests, this is most likely to be included in your next eye exam. During this test, a doctor will cover one eye and ask you to focus on an item across the room. By doing this on each eye, an optometrist can determine how the eyes work together and which eye is experiencing issues.
Visual Acuity: This is another common test that allows a doctor to determine the sharpness of your vision by having you cover one eye and read numbers off an exam chart.
Refraction: This is a test that determines the prescription you will need for your glasses or contacts. By moving through a series of lenses on each eye, you and your doctor can fine-tune the perfect lens power for your vision.
Retinoscopy: This is another way to determine your eyeglass prescription. By dimming the lights and directing you to focus on an eye chart, your doctor can shine a light at your eye and get an estimate on your prescription by the way the light reflects from your eye.

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