Your child primarily learns through imitation, which is one of the reasons clear eyesight is so crucial to early child development. In today’s post, Southwest Vision Center shares five helpful tips to protect your child’s visual health.

Child's Vision

1. Include Nutritious Foods in Their Daily Diet

Our expert children’s eye doctor in Granger, IN, explains that having healthy eyes starts with eating nutritious foods. Fruits rich in Vitamins A, C, and E boost the immune system and work as great snacks. Leafy greens contain antioxidants that prevent premature destruction of ocular tissues. We also advise incorporating deep-water fish into your child’s diet, as they are rich sources of essential fatty acids that help keep the eyes lubricated.

2. Know Your Family History

Heredity is one of the most influential factors in many eye conditions. Know your family history and be prepared to share any relevant information with your child’s eye doctor at their checkup.

3. Bring Them to the Eye Doctor Regularly

We recommend having your child undergo a baseline eye exam in Edwardsburg, MI, as early as six months of age. We also suggest they have comprehensive eye assessments at least once every two years to help us easily detect any changes within their eyes and develop an effective treatment plan.

4. Encourage Outdoor Play

Studies show that children who spend time playing outside have a lower risk of developing refractive errors. The wider horizon, natural sunlight, and refreshing scenery can stimulate their visual functions. We do recommend wearing sunglasses when doing so to prevent UV-induced eye problems.

5. Know the Telltale Signs of Vision Problems

Most of the time, children may not realize they are having vision problems. This is why it is essential to be observant of their habits. Some of the most common signs of visual impairment among kids are poor academic performance, clumsiness, and sitting too close to the TV. If you notice any of these signs, we advise seeking a professional opinion from our pediatric optometrist in Three Rivers, MI.

The earlier you make these tips part of your child’s daily habits, the better chances you have of preserving their vision and improving their quality of life. For more tips on how to protect their eyesight, call us at (269) 241-0031 (Edwardsburg), (269) 241-0032 (Three Rivers), or (269) 241-0033 (Buchanan) to schedule an appointment.

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