In today’s digital age, devices like smart phones, tablets, and computers are a fixture of most children’s lives from a young age. While such gadgets offer numerous benefits, they can also harm your children’s eyes if you don’t take appropriate precautions. In today’s post, your trusted children’s eye doctor from Southwest Vision Center shares five ways to prevent digital eye strain.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Kids From Developing Digital Eye Strain

  1. Use Soft Lighting: Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, is the visual discomfort your kids may experience after using a digital device for a prolonged period. Fluorescent overhead lights can exacerbate this condition, so we recommend investing in soft incandescent lighting.
  2. Adjust Computer Settings: Your pediatric optometrist suggests choosing a liquid crystal display (LCD) for your children’s computer monitors. This type of monitor rarely flickers and is easier on your children’s developing eyes. We also recommend adjusting the brightness to match the same level of their surroundings. You may use larger font sizes as well to prevent your kids from squinting.
  3. Observe Ergonomic Practices: Slouching may add additional stress on your kids’ eyes, increasing their risk of having computer vision syndrome. This is why we advise using proper posture whenever using their digital devices. Ergonomic chairs can help improve posture.
  4. Make The 20-20-20 Rule A Habit: After 20 minutes of time spent on a digital device, have your children rest their eyes for 20 seconds or more by looking at an object 20 feet away. Remind them to blink regularly as well to prevent dry eyes.
  5. Have Regular Eye Exams: Most importantly, make sure your kids undergo a comprehensive eye exam regularly. We may also prescribe wearing computer eyeglasses to prevent blue light rays from entering their eyes.

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