With so many of us using digital devices at work, home, and even in transit, eye strain has become a major complaint. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by The Vision Council, 65% of American adults have reported symptoms of digital eye strain.

Digital Eye Strain

Southwest Vision Center, home to many a practiced optometrist in Edwardsburg, MI, discusses all you need to know about this condition, along with how to deal with it:

Digital Eye Strain

This is the physical ache and tiredness felt after staying glued to a digital screen for a prolonged period. This is because viewing a digital screen often makes your eyes work harder, which in turn makes them susceptible to vision related problems. These screens range from computers and tablets, to e-readers and mobile phones. Symptoms include:

  • Dry Eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  •  Eye Fatigue
  •  Neck and Back Pain
  •  Headaches

Dealing with Digital Eye Strain

If you experience any of these, your eye doctor in Edwardsburg, MI, will show you how to lessen their effects during a comprehensive eye exam. One of the best ways is to wear computer glasses, which optimize your vision and protect your eyes from blue light, glare, and other stressors.

As the top provider of prescription eyeglasses in Three Rivers, MI, Southwest Vision Center can provide you with this eyewear to suit your lifestyle needs. One of the most popular options is the anti-reflective lens, which improves acuity and contrast, even under overhead lighting.

We can also infuse the lenses with melanin to prevent harmful blue light from entering through the cornea and reaching the back of the eye. When assessing our options, be sure to consider how long you spend in front of a screen, ambient lighting set-up, and your distance from the desk. This will help us select the ideal lens thickness for your computer eyeglasses.

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