Many children with poor eyesight may not be aware of the problem, which is why Southwest Vision Center emphasizes the importance of regular eye assessments. There are two common methods for checking your child’s eyesight: comprehensive eye exams and vision screenings. Here, your trusted pediatric optometrist discusses the differences between thee two tests.

Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exam

This involves a more careful and in-depth evaluation of all aspects of your child’s visual health than a vision screening, and can only be performed by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist. At your appointment, we will begin by asking about any pre-existing conditions that affected your child or any of your family members. We will then administer a series of tests to assess your child’s ocular structures and functions. After we complete the eye exam, we will explain our findings and recommendations and answer any questions you or your child may have.

Vision Screening

A vision screening is a brief and general evaluation of your child’s eyesight. A general physician, a nurse, or even a volunteer can perform it. The purpose of the screening is to determine your children’s risk of acquiring certain vision problems.

Reasons to Trust Southwest Vision Center

Both assessment methods are important in maintaining your child’s visual health. At Southwest Vision Center, our reliable children’s eye doctor has the knowledge, skills, and training to perform both. We will likely suggest having vision screening as a first step, followed by a comprehensive eye exam for a more specific evaluation.

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