Many choose to wear contact lenses for the superior visual clarity and improved visual comfort they offer. They also provide convenience and aesthetic benefits for your better quality of life. Southwest Vision Center has a variety of contact lenses with each kind to address your specific eye care needs. Here are some of them:

Contact Lenses Selection

Bifocal Lenses

These lenses contain two prescriptions in a single lens, so you can see both far and near objects clearly. They allow gradual transition when viewing nearby and distant objects.

Ortho-K Lenses

These are specially engineered lenses which can alter your unusually shaped cornea while you wear them to sleep. Once you wake up, you may remove them and enjoy a day of better eyesight without having to wear your prescription eyewear.

Toric Lenses

Their sliced donut shape is ideal for correcting astigmatism. Your expert optometrist explains that their unique form compensates for the deviated curvature of your cornea or lens. Toric lenses produce different lens powers at various meridians for your improved visual acuity.

Soft Spherical Lenses

These lenses are usually made of flexible plastic so you can stay comfortable even when wearing them for an extended period. Some variants also allow oxygen to pass through for your better visual health and comfort.

Rigid Gas-Permeable Lenses

Their firm and inelastic structure provides sharp images and a premier optics experience. They also allow oxygen to enter your eyes for your better eye health.

Hybrid Lenses

According to your reliable eye doctors, this type of lenses combines the best features of soft and rigid lenses. Their flexible lens skirt ensures your improved comfort while the rigid center offers clear image perception.

When handling your contact lenses, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent hand-eye transmission of infections. We also recommend using our prescribed solution to avoid lens wear-related irritations. Make sure to keep them in their respective case as well to keep them intact.

For more information about our contact lenses, call us today at (269) 241-0033 for Buchanan, (269) 241-0032 for Three Rivers, and (269) 241-0031 for Edwardsburg.We serve Granger and nearby IN areas as well as Three Rivers and surrounding MI communities.

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