According to experts, as much as 80% of learning comes through the eyes. This is why maintaining healthy eyes at an early age is important. Dr. Jennifer Lambart, our optometrist from Southwest Vision Center, has some tips for pediatric eye care.

Oculist Examining The Patient

Take Note of the Signs of Poor Eyesight
Your child’s vision changes as they age, so you need to schedule a yearly pediatric eye exam in Edwardsburg, MI. It is advisable to schedule it before school starts. Here are some common signs that your child has poor eyesight:

• Poor performance at school
• Difficulty reading and writing
• Blurry or double vision
• Headaches or eye pain
• Trouble seeing information on the board
• Longer time to finish homework

Know What to Expect During an Eye Exam
A pediatric optometrist in Three Rivers, MI, can help you assess your child’s eyesight through exams. In Southwest Vision Center, Dr. Jennifer Lambart inspects the eyes and eyelids. She also examines eye muscle movements, pupils, and reflection of light from the back of the eye. Some of the eye exams for children include corneal light reflect, cover tests, and visual acuity tests.

Help Your Child Take Care of Their Eyes
According to the 2016 Digital Eye Strain Report, children spend two or more hours a day looking at digital devices. This can lead to numerous visual problems at an early age. As parents, you can help take care of your child’s eyes by managing their device use. If you see signs of visual problems, make sure you consult your childrens eye doctor in Granger, IN.

If your child needs to wear eyeglasses, let them choose their own style and color. it is also important that you choose plastic frames and impact-resistant lenses. If they are using contact lenses, teach them proper hygiene and contact lens care.

If you want to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your children, trust Southwest Vision Center. We have extensive experience when it comes to family eye care. We are patient-focused, making sure that you have healthy eyes for years.

Learn more about our eye care services by giving us a call today. You can also schedule an appointment through our contact form.

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