At Southwest Vision Center, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our eye care services and stay updated on the latest ocular treatments. We are proud to offer Cliradex®, an innovative product from Bio-Tissue to help maintain your visual health. Here, your expert eye doctors answer some common questions about this product:

Cliradex Works

Q: What Is Cliradex?

Cliradex is a moist towelette containing tea tree oil. It is usually distributed in boxes of 24 individually packed cleanser wipes. Cliradex uses all-natural substances to help manage certain eye and skin problems. In addition to alleviating your symptoms, this therapeutic product actually goes to the root of your condition to provide lasting relief.

Q: How Does It Work?

We use a steam and vacuum distillation processes to extract the most active substance found in tea tree plants, 4-Terpineol or T4O. Studies show this substance can eradicate Demodex mites better than the common tea tree form.

Q: What Problems Does It Treat?

Cliradex is commonly prescribed to treat dry eyes and active rosacea, and is also effective at stimulating eyelash growth and improving your comfort when wearing contact lenses. It can help manage blepharitis, chalazia, and other eyelid irritations as well.

Q: How Do You Use It?

Make sure to wash your hands first. Open one Cliradex sachet, take out the towelette, and unfold it completely. Close your eyes and use one side of the cleanser to gently wipe your upper eyelid, lower eyelid, and surrounding areas. You may also use it to clean one side of your nose and cheek. Use the other side to clean your other eye. Afterward, keep your eyes closed for at least one minute to allow for optimum absorption.

Q: Is the Tingling Sensation Normal?

Yes. You may experience a soothing, tingling, and menthol-like sensation afterward, similar to having a facial treatment at a spa. Your experienced optometrist explains that this feeling usually subsides after a minute or so.

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