Keratoconus is a type of non-inflammatory eye condition where the cornea progressively thins. This results in a cone-like bulge and visual impairment. According to the National Keratoconus Foundation, one of 2,000 individuals has keratoconus.

All About Keratoconus

What Are the Symptoms?

Many an optometrist in Edwardsburg, MI, diagnoses keratoconus in teens or young adults. The symptoms include frequent changes in eyeglass prescription and blurred vision. Patients who have keratoconus are also sensitive to light and have difficulty driving at night. They also have eyestrain, headaches, and eye irritation.

These symptoms can signal other vision problems, so it is best that you schedule a comprehensive exam from the expert. Southwest Vision Center conducts different tests to see if you have keratoconus or other vision problems.

What Are the Causes?

This vision problem can be caused by different environmental factors. Poorly fit contact lenses can rub against the corneas and cause damage. The same thing goes for persistent eye rubbing, which is also related to allergies. Some studies also indicated oxidative stress as a cause of keratoconus. Unlike normal corneas, keratoconus corneas cannot eliminate free radicals. These stay in the tissue and cause vision problems.

What Are the Treatment Methods?

Your expert eye doctor in Edwardsburg, MI, can diagnose keratoconus with a slit-lamp exam. We look for corneal thinning, stress lines, Fleischer’s ring, and apical scarring. We also measure the curvature of your corneas using keratometry. We can also conduct corneal topography, where we take a three-dimensional map of your cornea.

To correct keratoconus at an early stage, we recommend soft contact lenses or eyeglasses. They will correct astigmatism or nearsightedness. For advanced stages, we recommend rigid gas permeable lenses.

Keep in mind that your contact lens should fit properly and have the right prescription. Your trusted eye specialist from Southwest Vision Center can help you get the right contact lens and eyeglasses in Three Rivers, MI. We conduct comprehensive exams and offer different prescription glasses and lenses.

To learn more about keratoconus, schedule an appointment with us today. Patients in Edwardsburg can call us at (269) 414-4492 while patients in Three Rivers can reach us at (269) 273-8588.

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