Regular eye exams are essential for maintaining your visual health and general well-being. Having good eyesight helps in carrying out daily activities and improving your quality of life. This is why Southwest Vision Center recommends visiting your eye doctor regularly.

Eye Exam

For your understanding, our trusted optometrist in Edwardsburg, MI, shares some things you can expect during an eye exam.

History Taking

Establishing your personal history is an important factor in the assessment process, especially if you are a new patient. It will serve as the basis of our approach to maintaining your eyesight. We may ask about eye conditions, injuries, or medications that may have affected your vision. We may also ask about you and your family’s medical histories, since some pre-existing or hereditary conditions may affect your eyesight.

Performing Tests and Procedures

After the history taking, our reliable eye doctor in Edwardsburg, MI, will coordinate a series of vision tests and procedures. They will help us thoroughly  evaluate your eyes’ current condition. We may perform the following:

  1. Visual Acuity Test – To determine your eyes’ sharpness, we will ask you to cover one eye and read numbers off the Snellen chart. We will then do the same for the other eye.

  2. Cover Test – While you focus on an object, we will alternately cover and uncover each eye and observe how they move. This assesses your eyes’ coordination.

  3. Retinoscopy – Upon dimming the lights, we will ask you to focus on a target across the room. We will then direct light at your eye and observe its reflection. This gives us an estimated prescription for your eyeglasses.

  4. Refraction – For a more accurate measurement, we may ask you try different lens powers from a phoropter. You can tell us which one works best for you.

Depending on the initial results, we may perform additional examinations as necessary.

Our Recommended Management

We will then create a recommended treatment plan to address your visual needs. If we found any refractive errors in your eyes, we may suggest wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses in Three Rivers, MI. We may also prescribe certain medications or eye exercises to improve your vision.

Most importantly, we will advise you when to return for your next eye exam. We recommend having routine eye tests every 2 years. If you have already had vision problems before or you are 60 years old and above, we may suggest having your eyes checked every year. Our recommended frequency may vary depending on your needs.

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