Contact lenses are generally a safe form of vision correction. Nonetheless, it is essential to understand the proper ways of caring for your contact lenses. The type of contact lenses you have determines its proper care.

Contact Lens

With proper maintenance, contact lenses can last for several years. Southwest Vision Center’s optometrist in Granger, IN, gives you some tips on effective contact lens care.

1. Follow the proper contact lens replacement schedule.

Contact lenses have specified wearing times. Depending on the results of your eye exam and your preferences, our eye specialist may recommend different types of lenses for you to use. The following are the different types of lenses based on when they should be replaced:

  • Daily disposable – must be discarded after a day
  • Disposable – must be discarded within two weeks or earlier
  • Frequent replacement – commonly replaced monthly or quarterly
  • Traditional – usually replaced every six months or longer

To prevent complications, we advise adherence to our recommended wearing schedule. This also ensures optimal usage of your contact lenses in Three Rivers, MI, and better eyesight for you.

2. Dispose of unclean contact lenses.

In the event that your contact lenses slip from your eye, we advise that you clean them with your cleaning solution before using them again. If you do not have your doctor-recommended solution with you, it would be advisable that you dispose of them.

We discourage you from using water or other solvent as replacement solutions as these may contain bacteria, which can cause eye irritations or infections.

3. Always Bring a Pair of Eyeglasses with You.

Refrain from wearing your contact lenses when taking a bath or when swimming. Water may contain bacteria, which may cause eye infections. Having a pair of eyeglasses, on the other hand, can still help you have clear vision while enjoying water activities.

Aside from these tips, we also recommend observing proper hand hygiene before handling your contact lenses. Clean them with fresh, doctor-recommended solutions before applying them on your eyes. Be sure to store them in their proper cases to avoid contamination and clean your case daily with your solution. We suggest replacing your contact lens cases every three months.

Most importantly, see our eye doctors in Granger, IN, for regular eye and contact lens examinations. Our doctors’ directions and your strict adherence to them are the keys to keeping your contact lenses in shape.

Our reliable doctors ensure that your contact lenses and care system address your eye care needs and lifestyle. For any other vision concerns, you may contact us at (269) 414-4492 (Edwardsburg) or (269) 273-8588. You may also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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