Contact lenses were available as early as the late 1880s. Through the years, technology has made it more accessible to everyone, from teens to seniors. If you are considering a switch to contact lenses, here are 11 facts you need to know:

Close Up Applying Contact Lenses

1. Most optometrists recommend the use of contact lenses for children as young as 11 years old.

2. A reliable optometrist in Granger, IN, can assess whether you are ready or in need of contact lenses.

3. Contact lenses are suitable for people who play sports because eyeglasses tend to fall off easily.

4. These lenses need to fit your eyes properly to avoid serious eye health issues. This is why you need a prescription from your trusted eye doctor. The prescription states the size, shape, and power of your contact lenses.

5. Patients who have astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia can wear contact lenses.

6. Eye doctors in Granger, IN, will recommend bifocal lenses if you need differently powered lenses for each eye.

7. Spherical lenses are the most typical design for contact lenses. They are prescribed for near- or farsightedness.

8. Orthokeratology is a special type of lens that reshapes the cornea during your sleep.

9. Lens materials differ in terms of maintenance and durability. Some lenses require regular cleaning, while others need to be disposed of after a few uses. You can choose from soft
or gas permeable lenses.

10. There are special contact lenses in Three Rivers, MI, for patients with dry eyes.

11. Keep in mind that contact lenses require extra care. If you are not ready or find it difficult using contact lenses, you can switch to eyeglasses from time to time.

When looking for quality contact lenses, trust Southwest Vision Center. We are your leading source of reliable contact lenses from top brands like Bausch + Lomb. We will examine the health of your eyes and discuss your options.

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