A visit to the doctor, any type of doctor, can fill your child with fears and anxiety. Visiting an eye doctor for an eye exam is no different for most children. Some of them can be very vocal about their worries while the rest can feel silently nervous about what to expect.

Eye Exam

As parents, you play a big role in easing their anxieties. It is your responsibility to reassure your children and to explain to them the purpose of undergoing an eye exam in Edwardsburg, MI. Southwest Vision Center™, your trusted eye care clinic in the region, shares some tips to make sure your appointment runs smoothly:

  1. Research about Your Options – Not all eye doctors can do a good job of attending to your child’s needs. When looking for an expert, be sure to focus on phrases like “family practice” and “pediatric optometry”. Do your homework and check if the practice is child-friendly. It’s also ideal to review their stock of children’s eyewear to determine if they can meet your child’s needs.
  2. Explain the Process to Your Child – Take some time to explain in simple terms what he can expect from the exam. Describe to him how the eye chart and other tests can help determine his vision’s health. For instance, let your child know that his pediatric optometrist in Three Rivers, MI, will ask him to look at pictures and letters. Lastly, encourage him to relax and have fun during the entire process.
  3. Be Prepared with Your Questions – It can be easy to forget some questions and concerns when the exam is under way. Before the appointment, it’s best to write down anything you’ve noticed about your child’s vision. This information will help the doctor know what to look for in the exam.
  4. Give Choices – When it comes to choosing corrective eyewear, your child will more likely wear what he wants from the choices. Your trusted children’s eye doctor in Granger, IN, might let you pre-select a range of styles you’d be comfortable with. This way, you can make sure your child will pick a style that suits his needs.

For more expert tips, you can count on Southwest Vision Center. We have been the most trusted family eye care clinic in Three Rivers and Edwardsburg, MI, and the surrounding areas since 2012. To schedule a FREE consultation with our eye specialists, call us or fill out our contact form today.

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