Cataract Development

Cataracts cause more than half of the reported cases of vision loss, making it the top cause of blindness in the world. In the U.S. alone, around 24 million are diagnosed with this sight-threatening disease. At Southwest Vision Center, we believe that having a good understanding of this condition is one reliable way to stop its increasing prevalence. Let your expert optometrist discuss some things you should know about it.


Your ocular lenses, which control the light focusing process in your eyes, are mostly comprised of water and protein. As time passes, protein disintegration in your body may happen at a faster rate, causing protein fragments from your lenses to form on your lenses’ surface. Often referred to as cataracts, they may block light rays from entering your eyes, resulting in your impaired vision.

Types and Risk Factors

Older age is a major risk factor for cataract formation. That said, some cataracts may occur during your childhood, also known as congenital cataracts. Individuals with pre-existing medical disorders may be at a higher risk of developing secondary cataracts as well. Those who had eye surgeries or injuries are more likely to acquire traumatic cataracts too. According to your trusted eye doctor, constant exposure to x-rays may result in radiation cataract development.

Typical Manifestations

At first, you may not notice any changes in your vision. As the condition advances, however, you may have blurry or hazy eyesight. You may also have reduced night visual acuity and increased light sensitivity.

Our Suggested Treatment

We may suggest using a stronger lens power for your eye glasses or contact lenses as part of your early cataract management. If the cataracts are already causing significant visual restrictions, we may advise performing a cataract removal surgery. Rest assured we’ll discuss everything you need to know in detail and answer all related questions for your understanding and peace of mind.

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