Constant tear production is essential to maintaining your visual health and comfort. Tears keep your eyes lubricated and free from irritants. If the quantity or quality of your tears is lacking, you may develop dry eye syndrome. Here, your trusted eye clinic, Southwest Vision Center, explains this condition in detail.

Dry Eyes

Common Causes

Our expert optometrist explains that your tears contain three layers: an outer oily layer, which prevents them from evaporating too quickly; a middle watery layer, which keeps them well moisturized; and an inner mucus layer, which helps your tears spread evenly over the surface of your eyes. Any problems with the consistency or quantity of your tears may result in dry eye disease.

Risk Factors

People 65 years old and above and postmenopausal women are at a higher risk of developing dry eye syndrome. Dry climates and certain personal habits, like smoking, are also commonly associated with this condition.

Common Symptoms

Dry eyes are usually accompanied by pain, redness, and sometimes a burning sensation. This can make reading books or wearing contact lenses uncomfortable. If you experience these symptoms, we may recommend that you wear eye glasses until they subside. If this condition is left untreated, you may develop blurred or distorted vision too.

Our Recommended Remedies

If you have any of these symptoms, visit our clinic so we can perform a comprehensive eye exam so we can identify the causative factor behind your dry eyes and provide effective treatment. Our experienced eye doctor may suggest Prokera® as part of your premier dry eye treatment.

Prokera is the only FDA-approved therapeutic device that uses cryopreserved fetal amniotic membrane to restore damaged cornea to its original state. It is founded on the regeneration principle to promote healing while reducing inflammation in dry eyes. This biologic corneal bandage comes in three forms: Prokera Slim for mild to moderate corneal inflammation problems; the original Prokera for moderate to severe problems; and Prokera Plus for highly severe conditions.

For more information about dry eyes and Prokera, call us at (269) 241-0031 (Edwardsburg), (269) 241-0032 (Three Rivers), or (269) 241-0033 (Buchanan). We serve Buchanan and nearby MI areas.

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